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X3500M3 series 7380I05
Product Type: 7380I05
Origin: China
Keywords: Tower server,
Brand: IBM
Specifications: Taiwan
Number: 5
Packaging: Carton
Price : Please contact the staff for the latest price
Update Date: 2011-3-1
Kunming Jia Cheng Industry Co., Ltd.
Model: Trading
Name: Jia   Ms.
Phone: 086-0871-8020120/8027231/8020087
Fax: 086-0871-8020120
Mobile: 13700647873
Website: http://www.kmibmfw.com
Address: 233 Ring Road, Kunming City Light B301
Post Code: 650031
Details Wholesale Freight Payment
塔式服务器。 Tower server. 四核英特尔至强处理器E5506 2.13GHz(4MB三级缓存,最高支持800MHz内存频率,4.8 GT/s QPI), 可扩展至2个处理器。 Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor E5506 2.13GHz (4MB level three cache memory frequency up to 800MHz, 4.8 GT / s QPI), expandable to two processors. 1x4GB 1.5V DDR3 RDIMM内存,高达16个内存插槽(每处理器配置8个内存插槽)。 1x4GB 1.5V DDR3 RDIMM memory, up to 16 memory slots (8 per processor configuration memory slots). 1个PCI-Express x16插槽,5个PCI-Express x8插槽(1个被SAS控制器占用),1个PCI插槽。 1 PCI-Express x16 slot, 5 PCI-Express x8 slots (one occupied by SAS controller), 1 PCI slot. 标配一个146GB热插拔SAS硬盘, 8个2.5英寸热插拔硬盘托架,通过选件扩展至24个硬盘托架。 Comes standard with a 146GB hard drive hot-swap SAS, 8 hot-swap 2.5-inch hard drive bay, optional extended by 24 disk bays. 集成双口千兆以太网,支持网络唤醒、网络卸载引擎(TOE)等网络高级特性。 Integrated dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, Wake on LAN, the network offload engine (TOE) and other network advanced features. 内置DVD光驱。 Built-in DVD drive. 920W热插拔电源,可选冗余。 920W hot plug power supply, optional redundant. ServerRAID M5015阵列卡,支持RAID5(512MB缓存,不带电池)。 ServerRAID M5015 array card, support RAID5 (512MB cache, without batteries). 集成IMM, 支持远程呈现。 Integration of IMM, support telepresence. 三年有限保修 Three-year limited warranty
Ka Yip Shing Technology is a professional server, notebook wholesale distributor, all products are factory direct purchase, and a good supply and price advantages.
Cash. Wire. Checks the way
Company Name: Kunming Jia Ye-Cheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Bank: China Merchants Bank branch in Kunming Venus
Account number: 871902922010601
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