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Green tea brand in India and Da
Product Type:
Origin: Yunnan
Keywords: Green tea brand in India and Da
Price : Negotiable
Update Date: 2005-12-13
Yunnan Tea Group Long Run
Model: Production
Name: Liao Yirong   Mr.
Phone: 086-0871-8183788
Fax: 086-0871-8188786
Website: http://www.longruntea.cn
Address: Xing Yuan Road, Kunming, Yunnan Pu'er the middle of Long Run Building
Post Code: 650100
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中茶牌绿印沱普洱茶形状各样,砖、饼、沱、散……中茶牌绿印沱在80年代初即制成紧压沱茶型后,就与时间同步,越陈越香只是它所表现内涵的一小部分,而它那丰富多彩的迷人汤色变化及强劲的回甘生津和耐冲易泡更是其最大的体现啊。 Green tea brand in the shape of various Indian Tuo tea, brick, cake, Da, San ... ... in green tea brand Da India made in the early 80s that is pressed Tuo type, the connection with time synchronization, it just gets better and better meaning a small part of the performance, but it was charming colorful and strong liquor color changes back to Gan Sheng Jin and Yi Chong-resistant foam is the most obvious manifestation of ah.
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