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Kunming University of Science Resources Prospectin
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Update Date: 2010-11-1
Kunming University of Science Resources Prospectin
Model: Service
Name: University Mr.
Phone: 086-0871-5198623
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Website: http://zkgc.kmust.edu.cn
Address: Kunming December First Avenue Wenchang Road 68
Post Code: 650093
80 years, the subject of natural geological laboratory of Yunnan long-term basis, has been the main battlefield of economic construction, with particular attention the close integration of theory and practice for the western region of Yunnan Province as well as social and economic development has made great contributions, and accumulated a wealth of research, teaching and training experience. So far, 6081 has been over the country prepare undergraduate, 452 graduate students, 52 doctoral students, postdoctoral 6 engaged in mineral prospecting and exploration, geology and hydraulic ring areas of prevention of geological disasters senior professionals, and some have become Professor, unit technicians, or academic leaders, and some land and resources departments in the leadership (department or bureau level) work is an integral unit of the backbone, in their respective jobs for the countries and regions , units, and the industry have made a positive contribution. Particularly in Yunnan Geology and Mineral Resources and medium-sized enterprises and non-ferrous mining and technical backbone of the main leaders, resource exploration engineering graduates has an absolute advantage for the economic construction and development of Yunnan Province, has played a huge role in promoting. Also for the Yunnan Tin Corporation, Huize deposit, Lancang Lead Mine, Shandong Zhaojin Group, Northwest Nonferrous Geological Bureau, Guangxi, China Tin Group, Yunnan Geological Team 209, the Jinchuan Company and China National Gold Group Corporation, and other medium-sized mining enterprises training more than 1,000 engineering and technical personnel, training excellent effect, was well received. Over the years, has successfully launched the mineral geology and geological engineering with the main direction of the college classes and skills training, better job prospects.

The past 10 years, has undertaken and completed more than 70 key research, national and provincial projects, total research funding 52.5 million yuan, horizontal issues university research funding every year are more than 500 million, provincial and ministerial level 4 award item 6 second prize, third prize of 12, published 21 monographs and textbooks, published 852 academic papers, a number of research results to be transferred or used, directly or indirectly arising from the economic value of more than 40 billion yuan, has formed a prediction and evaluation of mineral resources (under 1) The kinetics of mineralization and mineralization; 2) location prediction concealed mineral deposits; 3) Integrated Information mineralization projections; 4) economic evaluation of mineral resources, characteristics of the four directions) , Environmental Hydrology and Engineering Geology (under 1) urban environmental geology problems and countermeasures; 2) evaluation and control of geological disasters; 3) complex geological stability of rock and soil environmental engineering; 4) The engineering investigation technology of four a characteristic of the direction), prospecting technology and applied research (under 1) construct geochemical prospecting; 2) mineral geophysical techniques; 3) deposits in remote sensing technology; 4) four characteristics of resources and environment system research) and the geological heritage and Geological Tourism Research (under 1) Geological Park and geological heritage; 2) Tourism Resources Development and Management of Geological characteristics of two directions), and other advantages of disciplinary groups in the community to produce good effects for the economic and social development of border a great contribution. As in recent years in research and teaching has strengthened the sense of hydrogeological and engineering geological work, especially in recent years, in conjunction with relevant utilities, surveying and design department, completed a number of hydrogeology and engineering geology research projects, and achieved important results, research projects in this area is constantly expanding, and has made remarkable achievements.

Past three years, resource exploration engineering undergraduate average employment rate of 90% or more. Undergraduate students in the graduate training, 60% or more to stay in the country''s land mine system enterprises, non-ferrous metal mining companies, their key universities and similar institutions and even the competition, showing a solid foundation of professional knowledge and can be hard, pioneering spirit of struggle. Employers community resource exploration engineering graduates in the work shown in the excellent quality and work performance given full recognition
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